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5 Ways to Prepare to Re-open 

Simple steps to help you be prepared and ready to open your doors


#1 Build a COVID-19 Plan

Take a few moments and write down your plan of action. This plan will later be used in marketing efforts when you are showing you are serious about customer and staff safety. Call it your COVID-19 Safety Plan and review it as necessary. Include materials needed, new protocols, social distancing and marketing.

#2 Respect Social Distancing

By now you have been to a store that has placed stickers on the floor on where to stand, saw the signs that say no more than 10 people or less, noticed some doors are marked entry and some are exit and even seen plastic shields in front of the counters. You need to consider similar procedures. Start gathering necessary supplies and signage to accommodate your COVID-19 plan.

#3 Create a Cleaning Schedule

Consumers will notice if your store is clean, organized and safe to enter. Make sure you are rebuilding your cleaning plan and have all the necessary items needed to do so. Make sure your staff is fully aware of the new cleaning procedures. Build in inspection times and checklists for quality control.

#4 Market Your COVID-19 Plan

As businesses begin to re-open, consumers will look for locations that have clearly marketed their COVID-19 safety plan. Big businesses as well as small businesses who have remained open have done this very well and for some it has even increased their numbers. When you begin to market that you are open for business, follow it up with your safety plan. Consumers will notice and will know they are entering a safe environment.

#5 Respect the Process

The process of re-opening will adjust as leaders evaluate the situation. For as many people who are ready for business as usual, there are others who will remain overly cautious for quite some time. Arrange your plan for the most cautious and the more open consumers will respect those procedures. 

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